Hi, my name is

Josh Esplin

I'm a computer science major at BYU expected to graduate December 2023.

About Me

Some of my main interests include playing board/video games, making music (check me out on Spotify!), playing pickleball, and doing capture the flag hacking challenges. My favorite sites to do coding challenges are RingZer0 and HackerRank.


I like doing a lot of things, so here is a condensed list of what I consider my most useful skills. If you have any questions, shoot me an email!


Python is probably my favorite language to code in, especially when trying to quickly transfer ideas from my brain to my computer. I worked for a company called Juni Learning for about a year, during which time I taught kids about Python programming.


I have used Java a lot in upper-level computer science courses at BYU. I created a mock social media app similar to Twitter using Java in Android Studio. I also used Java to integrate AWS cloud services into my app.

Cloud Computing

I have worked with a variety of AWS services, namely DynamoDB, Lambda, EC2, API Gateway, S3, and Amazon Simple Email Service.

Coding Competitions

I recently started trying my hand at coding competitions. I participated in the Lucid Programming Competition of 2022, which was my first competition ever. I hope to do more in the future!


I used (and continue to use) Linux terminals for a variety of computer science classes at BYU. I have learned to do data/file manipulation and to use many command line tools. Some of these tools include Vim, GDB, OpenGL, and OpenSSL


In my free time, I have learned a lot about audio processing and music production. I play a variety of instruments and have used my talent to write, record, mix, and release quite a few songs. My songs can be found on most streaming services, but here is a link to my Spotify profile: Classic Confusion


I'd love to work with you or collaborate on a project. Send me an email below and we can start a conversation!

Say hello!